The “evil media” is a reflection of the evil public

I should be doing some of my huge pile of homework, but instead I feel the need to , yet again, defend “the media”

I recently covered a very  interesting comedy act/conversation about race relations in the U.S. It was entertaining, but simultaneously illuminating and informative. Nonetheless, the end of the conversation was frustrating because we went back to the cause of race animosity which of course came back to “the media.”

The media has long been the force blamed for all of the worlds problems. Women aren’t treated right in the media, neither are women. The media only portrays the negative. It is the cause of gun violence. It is the cause of gun laws. It creates issues that aren’t issues. It has even be blamed for the crashing of the Titanic. So yeah…

The media, however, is a business. This business is largely dictated by the ratings. Do you know who creates the ratings? You do.

In order for reporters and producers to get paid, they have to pander to their audiences. Does that make for the best/most ethical reporting all the time? Absolutely not. I don’t like the idea that the truth is filtered by what people want to hear. But that’s the business.

If you don’t like the way media portrays things, take note about what you are apt to pay most attention to. The media produces what people want to see/read. Maybe the problem isn’t so much “the evil media” but the evil public that dictates it. YOU have control over the media. There is no doubt that the media affects the public but what is less understood is the fact that the other side is just as accurate.

Ok…this is the end of the rant. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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