About Me

I’m a writer, inconsistent blogger, habitual hobby starter, Enneagram 4, and nerd. I also work in social media in corporate land. I love storytelling, and not just because that’s a catchphrase in the marketing world right now, but because it truly has world-changing ability (yes… I’m one of those millennials).  I’m also a wife to a pretty cool pharmacist and mom of both a human baby and a goofy rescue dog.

Things That Excite Me:

  • Starting a New Hobby
  • Listening to a Really Good Podcast
  • Musical Theater
  • Instagram Stories
  • Bookstores and Libraries
  • Hand Writing Things
  • Personality Tests

Things I Could Live Without:

  • Watching Sports
  • Spreadsheets (they’re super helpful sometimes but rarely fun)
  • Entering Doors First
  • Sales Calls

Hobbies and Obsessions:

  • Bullet Journaling
  • Fountain Pens
  • Crafting and DIY Projects
  • True Crime Podcasts and Documentaries
  • Making/ Wearing Costumes to Everyday Events
  • A Good Woodsy Walking/ Hiking Trail
  • Educational Vacations

Favorite Content Creators: