Nerdy Valentines You Need to Read

I just can’t get over all the HILARIOUSLY nerdy valentines I’ve been seeing this year. Reader beware… I have a lot of different sides to my nerdom. Still I just had to share my top five favorites that I’ve seen so far.

Share these with your Valentine whether that person is a family member, friend or significant other. I’m a FIRM believer that Valentine’s Day should be about showing everyone in your life that you care about them and not just about chocolates and lovers. I get annoyingly adamant about it.

1. JOURNO VALENTINES– There is a lack of journalism humor in my life, but these valentines do the trick. Come on, “You’ve got more style than the AP”? I’d go for that one any day. There  is even a bit of computer/programmer humor in there.

2. HISTORY VALENTINES– A mix between the absurd, punny, and suggestive, this list works for me on so many levels.

3. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT VALENTINES– Everyone should love Arrested Development. It’s one of those shows that was just vastly underappreciated while it was on the air. These Valentines pay homage to the hilarity.

4.  LES MIS VALENTINES– These are just a few of the Les Mis valentines out there on the Internet. Tumblr could give you thousands. These ones made me giggle though. Great musical, hilarious valentine opportunities.

5. DOCTOR WHO VALENTINES– Again there are multitudes of these. The BBC even made some of their own. These ones make up my favorite set, mostly because the sixth one kills my soul a little.

Did you find or make any nerdy valentines this year? Share them in comments!

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