Literary Politics… What?

If your Own Personal Jane was a modest little lady writing only to amuse herself and her family, sorry to disappoint. Austen may be many things to many people, but she was always about good sense: personal, social, and fiscal. Don’t rush to judgment, she councils. Listen before you speak. Respect community and individuals, both. Get some exercise. And Austen had a healthy admiration for money — although not for those who get it by stepping on others. That, you can take to the ballot box.

Literary Politics: Who Would Jane Austen Vote For? 

This article provides an interesting view on one of my least favorite topics, politics. In class we once discussed what political party Jesus would belong, too. Usually such arguments tire and kind of annoy me because they are biased and asinine. However, I found this article to be an interesting analysis of political arguments within Austen’s writings. While it’s definitely tinted by the author’s political leanings (but only slightly), it comes to the conclusion that everyone’s “Personal Jane” is probably a little different.

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