Starting Today: Weekly Features on

So, I’ve been away for an extended period because my computer was slowly dying a painful death. Thanks to the magic of Apple Care, it’s a whole new machine, and so I come to you with a whole new set of recurring blog features to up my blogging game.

I would now like to introduce my cheesily named new weekly features. From now on, Mondays will be Media Mondays, a place to talk journalism and the illusive “MEDIA” which is sometimes journalism and sometimes very… umm… not. Wednesdays will be tutorial days, most often in the form of Awkward Girl’s Guides but sometimes other fun/nerdy crafts and things. And Fridays, starting today, will feature the most interesting things I read each week, in list form.

I’m hoping to start writing much more about the topics that are important to me including media, PR, literature/ reading, writing, pop culture, causes and living as an awkward girl. If any readers ever have any suggestions, comment away, but if not, you can look forward to these weekly features.

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