Laura Ingalls Wilder’s full, unedited story to be published

This is the set that got me started. Photo via
This is the set that got me started. Photo via

Be still my beating nerdy heart. The world of Little House on the Prairie is about to get oh-so-adult. I remember very distinctly when I found my mother’s Little House boxed set in the attic and read them cover to cover. More than once. Between my mother and I, we wore those paperbacks out and had to buy another set, currently set away in case I have a daughter someday. She and I watched the tv series too. We swooned when Laura and Almanzo got together and cursed Nellie (that evil wench). We even have a pretty serious road trip planned out to see all of her homes. 

I mean, I’m pretty nerdy about Laura Ingalls Wilder and was so even before I learned that my middle name is after her (literary name SCORE). I could be afraid that this “gritty” version of the story would ruin the magic for me, but I’m really not. I think I’m at the perfect place in my life for a more realistic and adult set of tales and I can’t wait to hear Laura’s writing voice unedited and unadulterated. Sounds like pure fun (and an interesting view into the authorship controversies about her books). 

The other REALLY COOL thing about this project is that it’s being published by the South Dakota State Historical Society Press instead of a big publishing company. They apparently got the right to publish because of a pretty stellar biography of Laura by Pamela Smith Hill and they seem to be doing it up right. They have a blog about the project and it follows the team as they go through records and history to add a little something (in the way of artifacts) to the memoir. 

I will be preording soon. Any other Laura Ingalls Wilder fans out there? 

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