Readers and Editors disagree on front page stories did a cool research project recreating front pages based on which articles from each news source was share and read most online. The results were very interesting. Many stories related to social media and health were moved to the front page, worldwide. Ukraine was on most front pages but removed almost every time by the people.

This shows that the difference between what people are reading and sharing is different than what editors are choosing as front page stories. I, for one, am not hugely shocked by this information. To me, this empahsizes the importance of old fashioned print newspapers. You can’t force people to care about the situation in the Ukraine, but it seems like a lot of news editors are trying to. This isn’t to say that the people’s choice covers were devoid of hard news. In the U.S., people favored hard news stories about issues like gay marriage and veterans, very much focused on internal issues of the government.

The publication definitely seemed to play a part in the kind of articles people chose. I’d be interested to see what news sources are getting the most readers of those pictured. Are more serious news readers reading from a particular source? That’s up to you to decide from these  covers, but it would be interesting to see some research on the issue.

To see the rest of the front pages, see the  original article on

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