English nerds on Facebook

When you are flipping through Facebook, do you ever feel like you don’t belong? Amidst the poorly spelled posts and the “Like for Justin Bieber  Share for Justin Timberlake” style posts, nerds can feel a little lost in the world of social networking, especially if your friends with a lot of people on the “normal” end of the spectrum. Anyways, you can find a great amount of nerdy thing to make your wall more entertaining. Here are a couple of things I enjoy looking at every day as I scroll through my feed. 

Here are my two main criteria: 

Frequency of Posting: I check my Facebook a lot but also get really annoyed when pages post every five seconds. The appropriate amount of posting is ideal. 

Quality of Posts: Are these post legitimately interesting or funny (in a nerdy way)? Do I want to like them all? Do I feel like I am secretly running the page from another life that I don’t know about? In these cases, I keep them around. 

Without further to do, here is my list! I have no part in any of these pages, I just really enjoy them. Check them out!

 5 Things English Nerds Should “Like” RIGHT NOW! 

1. Grammarly: This page posts a combination of puns, English humor and relatable posts. Though the page represents a grammar checking service online that I’ve never used, the posts don’t advertise. They tend to just be funny sharable posts that will amuse weirdos like me. 

2. Writing Lab Newsletter: I liked this originally because the Writing Center Director and my boss suggested it. I work in a Writing Center so I thought it would be stuff more applicable to my job there. They post a lot of Englishy articles and fun stuff, however. You don’t have to have ever been in a Writing Center to appreciate it (though if you haven’t, you should find one and visit because they are great). Find stuff about literature, higher education, writing and reading can be found here.

3. The New York Times: You can read the NYT online or on your devices. Why should you bother liking them on Facebook? Let me tell you! As a journalism nerd, I love the NYT. Their Facebook (unlike the online component or Twitter Feed) highlights features articles. I’ve found all sorts of things I never knew I wanted to know about. These articles are well written and interesting. I love learning and enjoying it all at onces, which is why I’d suggestion you like the NYT.

4. Dictionary.com: Get a new word every day in addition to articles about words and other English thing. Every Logophile should read this one. You’ll learn things about the English language that you never knew, and improve your vocabulary while your at it! 

5. Awkward Andy:  Ok, so this one is not so Englishy, but definitely nerdy. Awkward Andy is a web comic about a rather awkward bunch of college students. I found myself identifying with many of the strips, and laughing even if I didn’t. The comic updates weekly, so you can get a little awkward in your life all the time. Maybe it’ll make you feel better (because you are not this bad) or you will be able to identify. Either way, LIKE IT NOW! 

Any pages I should like right now? Share in comments! 



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