The Daily Show predicts the end of investigative journalism

When John Stuart takes on an issue, you can be sure it will be entertaining, ridiculous and scarily true. When the report moved to the set of The Newsroom, I identified. That show helped renew my love and passion for the true purpose behind journalism, and I know that it’s not particularly real. That is discouraging.

But even if TV news cuts all investigative journalists, which hasn’t happened yet, there will still be journalists doing their job somewhere. Well-trained citizen journalists are probably going to take over at least the beginning part of investigative journalism. The only issue? We need well-trained citizen journalists all over the world. Without power or money behind their name, it’s going to be a tougher world for investigative journalism.

It still is important though, and for that reason I hope it survives. I’m a young person of the technology age but I care about these stories. They matter to our world. So I’ll report them if I ever come across them, whether I’m being paid to or not. I hope other aspiring journalists will do the same.

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