Google writes poetry?

So I’ve discovered the magic that is Google Poetics. Basically it’s when you use Google Autofill to create poetry. Some of it is nonsensical. Some of it is really interesting and even deep.

Is this really writing poetry? Not really… but it reminds me of the found poetry we did in highschool. Even so, this is a fun experiment and is really dependent on what you start to type. It also reveals a lot about the nature of humanity (or at least the part of humanity that uses Google). You might get something really cool or really poetic.

I tried it out! And I got this adorable, heartfelt one… Oh Google, you’re such a softy.
Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 5.02.59 PM

And then I got this angsty one after messing some more. There are a lot of angsty people Googling things…

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 5.25.48 PM

For more Google Poetics see the tumblr that lead to my discovery. You can even submit your own “poems” if you get anything cool!

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