Lifetime takes on P&P

Move over Colin Firth, Lifetime is reportedly looking at adapting a modern-day version of “Pride and Prejudice” for the small screen, to be produced by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Developing Modern-Day ‘Pride And Prejudice’ For Lifetime

First of all, you DO NOT tell Colin Firth to move over. Secondly, I hope that Lifetime know’s what it’s getting into. Jane Austen fans are dedicated. I am dedicated and I’ll be mad if they mess this up. I’m feeling like they will, too. I mean come on… DARCY TOWN? Immediately put the focus on hunky, hunky Darcy and ignore one of my favorite characters of all times, Elizabeth Bennet.

On one hand, Pride and Prejudice is a Lifetime-esque story. There is the love and the pretty dresses and the manners and the “happily ever after” ending. However, there are some fantastic, wonderful nuances. I’ve enjoyed some modern day intepretations. Bridget Jones always makes me laugh, although the connection between it and P&P is not SO strong (Bridget is entertaining but she’s no Elizabeth Bennet). The 2003 version is  a fun time, as well.

We will see, Lifetime… We will see…

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