Social Media

Social media is about more than just promoting companies in the modern world. At it’s best, social media is about creating and encouraging community through creative content that both entertains and educates. Even though so much of social media has become a pay-to-play space, organic engagement sparked by creativity and mission-driven strategy is an exciting challenge.


Safety Day Event Promotion Campaign

A social media awareness campaign and contest to a promote a new upcoming event to a local audience. The Facebook event had 2,100 views, and had 86 “Going” RSVPs and 518 “Interested” users.

Social Media Rebrand Launch Campaign

An awareness campaign for our company-wide brand refresh, led in part by encouraging and rewarding employee engagement

Random Acts of Kindness Campaign

A customer appreciation campaign in alignment with the social media holiday Random Acts of Kindness Week. We Utilized and empowered our employees in various departments and branches for local person-to-person engagement and to create warm and fuzzy content for our corporate account to share and promote.

Family Fest Tickets Sweepstakes

As a part of Guardian’s relationship with the Pittsburgh Steelers, we participated in their annual Family Fest event, utilizing a social media sweepstakes to give away 50 tickets to the event while simultaneously boosting engagement and building up our Facebook fanbase.

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