YA fiction writer ladies for the win

And perhaps, therein lies the true appeal of young adult literature: The stories and the genre itself represent a world of limitless potential. As a young reader, I didn’t comprehend that the opportunity to disappear into the lives and adventures of strong-willed young women represented a kind of feminist victory. I was blissfully unconcerned with the gender of my favorite authors, or what reviewers might think of my beloved fictional worlds. So profound was my naïveté, I didn’t even realize that novels written by women were supposed to have hot pink covers bedazzled with shopping bags and high heels.

Why Do Female Authors Dominate Young- Adult Fiction

This article is an interesting observation on feminism in fiction writing overall and on the YA genre as a whole.My favorite YA author happens to be a man, but nonetheless I have a great appreciation for all the ladies writing excellent YA lit.  Chick lit does exist in YA fiction, but just as often, there are females writing powerful non-genre-specific works. I like chicklit as much as the next girl, but I think that the “grown up” fiction industry should take a lesson from YA about a lot of things.

It’s unique that someone post something so positive about YA, but since it is my genre of choice (writing wise), I’m glad that it is finally getting some good press!

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