Editorial Ponderings

I’m coming up on deadline time for my biggest project at my Internship this summer. I love crunch time. I love being busy. So while I’m exhausted, I’m in the mood to work. I’m trying to figure out some details for the Setonian (student paper of Seton Hill University) this fall, I’m the EiC. 

If all goes as planned, several members of my editorial staff will be allowed to come back to school a week early to cover moving in and etc. While covering the SHU goings-on will keep us busy, I want to work on some professional development stuff with my staff, as well as working together on recruitment/training. This is a new thing for our paper (at least it hasn’t been done in a couple of years), so I don’t exactly know what I’m doing. 

So I’m researching and reading up (via The Student News Survival Guide). 

And I’m just not sure how to jump back into this sort of formal training and recruitment. 


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