Because writers are just real people struggling

If you are a writer and you haven’t seen Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk, WATCH IT NOW. Stop what you are doing. These 20 minutes are, 20 minutes that you didn’t know you needed, but you do.

I’ve never read any of Elizabeth Gilbert’s works, but I find her to be wildly inspiring. Her opinions on creativity made me cry the first time I watched them. I love the concept of “Olé” especially; the idea that truly genius work is not ours but a vision of something greater…a vision of God.

I ran across a quick Q&A session with Elizabeth Gilbert which is why I returned to the TED talk. It’s strange to be so inspired by a writer of whom I’ve never read. Some writers are so brilliant that you can’t touch them. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the impossibility of me as a writer. Elizabeth Gilbert reminds me that writers are just people. We are all just struggling with this odd concept of creation. We are sometimes successful but mostly not so much.

But Olé to you nonetheless.

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