Correspondent… today that’s me!

By Katelyn Snyder L-V correspondent

Below is the beginning of my article originally printed on Wednesday Jan. 11 2012 in the Leader Vindicator. It’s pretty boring but it is a real article in a real paper. I can’t help but be a little bit proud. Also subscribe to your local paper. They are important.

Sligo lights up new

year for safer streets

NEW BETHLEHEM – Local officials have found a solution for two risky intersections in Sligo Borough. Borough council members have considered the crossing of state routes 68 and 58 in the heart of Sligo dangerous – especially for pedestrians.

After years of urging state road officials to address the problem, local leaders decided to handle the issue themselves.

The safety issue has come up repeatedly in monthly council meetings starting last spring.

There is more to the article, but I won’t bore readers. Unless you live in Sligo, PA the info isn’t really relevant to…umm… anything.

Top things I learned on this job?

1.You can’t possibly know everything. Ask questions. Accept help from other reporters and sources.

I paid very close attention in the meeting but there was background information I didn’t know. So after stressing myself out for several days, I  emailed the reporter who covered some past meetings. She filled me in on some background for the article I had, lengthening the article considerably and giving it context.

2. Chill out. Lower the pressure a bit and it will come more naturally.

The idea of being a professional writer is overwhelming so I put a lot of pressure on myself. The truth is, this is  a small town paper with a limited audience. It was great experience, but it didn’t warrant the pressure I put on myself. I’ve realized that I react similarly to most  writing projects and it only hinders my writing.

One of my goals for 2012 is to just chill and write. I’ve realized on this break that lately when I try to write I get really tense. I start to beat myself up and tell myself that I can’t write. I can write, but I need to lower the pressure. High expectations and goals are great, but not to the point where they are limiting.

Sligo lights up new year for safer streets…A3

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