C is for Confidence

In the ABC’s of being a writer, C would have to be Confidence. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but you can’t write well if you don’t think you can. Many writing related careers are competitive and the people who do well are the ones who know and understand their skill set. I’d don’t want to be overconfident, because that is annoying and I’m likely to get in way over my head. I also can’t achieve my goals by sitting quietly in a corner and scribbling in a notebook.

I’m a journalism major and I will soon be taking over my school paper. I’m doing this a year or two earlier than the norm, and I’m following up a big act. My current editor Jessie, is fantastic, and I have big shoes to fill (as I am reminded daily). She is aware of her skills and shortcomings and owns them like a good editor should.  I have to step up and start doing my job. One of my biggest concerns is actually how other people will perceive me. I know I can do this job which is much more than I could say at the beginning of this semester. I appear to be shy and nervous though, and I don’t want people to share those feelings because they don’t always stem from valid parts of my brain.

I know that this exercise is necessary for me and my future. I won’t be able to write anything, let alone do so professionally.  I’ll never be able to convince an employer of my abilities to provide the writing they need from me if I can’t even convince myself that I have those skills. This week I’m in charge of my first issue of the Setonian. Time to start practicing that confidence. Real live writing job, here I come. I’m practicing up!

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