An Awkward Girl’s Guide to Wedding Planning

It’s no secret that my Awkward Girl’s Guides usually come directly from my life. Though they are often topics for young awkward professionals like myself, they also venture into other areas. Today’s is going to go a whole new direction: wedding planning. I have been engaged for a while, but this weeks marks 100 days … More An Awkward Girl’s Guide to Wedding Planning

Watch out for those paperbacks!

Today, it’s de rigueur for major publishers to print both hardcover and paperback books. And of course, there’s a new “pocket book” transforming reading habits, the e-book. Now that Amazon—and the other online booksellers who followed—have untethered e-books from computers by offering inexpensive e-readers, the e-book revolution has done de Graff’s brilliant distribution scheme one … More Watch out for those paperbacks!